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Welcome to our Website

Phillip & Sally Jackson

This website is a meeting place for the
non-commercial exchanging of homes World Wide. Just browse through the
listings & contact members to arrange a suitable time to exchange homes.
We look forward to meeting you on your travels.
Simply Home Exchange Help
These are the most frequently asked questions about Simply Home Exchange. If you would like to know about something not listed here please feel free to contact us.

How much does it cost?
For a limited time only we are offering 12 months free membership, there after the cost will be $47 for 12 months.
No arrangement fees, no exchange fees, we are one of the cheapest on the net.

How do I contact other members?
All rental property listings include a contact link, which allows you to email the home owner directly.
To contact a member about a home exchange you must be a registered member.

Do you protect the privacy of my personal details?
The privacy of our members is very important to us. We will never reveal your name, address, phone or email to anyone. When people contact you about renting or exchanging homes it is done through a form which hides your email address.
What should I include in my email to a property owner?
A good email to another member will include a description of your property, neighbourhood and something about yourself and family and when you would like to make the exchange. Try preparing the text in Word and then copying and pasting into the email form.

Will my home be safe?
Remember, you will be living in your exchange partner's home as well, and their concerns are similar to yours. A home exchange is built on trust, and the mutual respect of each other's property makes home exchange successful.
Before exchanging you will be getting to know the other party by phone and email which gives a good idea of who you are exchanging with.
Also we all rate each other, so you can check the ‘reputation’ of potential exchangers. You’ll also trade emails and phone calls with them before the swap, so you get to know them that way, too.
Home exchange is by no means a new concept, people have been exchanging homes for years and horror stories are virtually unheard of.
Not only that, but home insurers and the police know your home is much safer if you’ve got people living there than if it was standing empty.
If you want an exchange contract we have provided a sample for you to use. Click Here to download.

Is my home suitable for exchanging?
Everyone has different tastes and for every home there is someone who would love to stay there. We have accommodated exchanges for houses, villas, apartments, boats, cabins and more all over the world.

What about Insurance?
Most home insurance policies will cover exchanges. After all it is safer to have someone looking after your home than leaving it empty. We do recommend you contact your insurance company to be 100% sure.
I don’t want to exchange with smokers, pet owners, children or groups of 4+ etc can I specify such requirements?
Of course, it is your home and you can choose who you would or wouldn’t like to exchange with.

Why is my home not getting much interest?
We are growing all the time and investing heavily in marketing to gain extra members, however certain areas and types of property are more popular than others.
The following tips should help gain extra interest:
Are you being too specific on your requirements – For example saying you are interested in all offers from people in Spain (or even worldwide) will open up a much larger group of members than if you specified a small town or region of Spain.
Several quality photos of inside and outside the property are an important factor to most people.
Include as much information about your property, the features and the area as you can think. Detailed descriptive writing allows people to visualise staying there.
Don’t just wait for people to contact you, actively browse and contact other members you would be interested in exchanging with.